Asbestos Compensation

The Asbestos Health Line works with asbestos lawyers across the country to help obtain compensation for individuals who were injured through exposure to asbestos. The following is a brief overview of the types of compensation available to individuals with asbestos-related injuries.

Ways you can be compensated for asbestos exposure

Asbestos Trust Funds

A number of special asbestos trust funds exist to provide compensation to individuals who were injured by asbestos. These funds were setup by companies who manufactured, sold, or installed asbestos-products. These funds collectively administer over $30 billion dollars in compensation.

Asbestos trust funds exist because they were the only way to handle the hundreds of thousands of asbestos lawsuits that had been filed against dozens of asbestos companies. As a result of the creation of the trust funds, many individuals get compensation for their asbestos-related injuries without having to file a lawsuit. Because there were so many asbestos lawsuits, most states passed a series of laws to restrict who is eligible to file an asbestos lawsuit. As a result, the vast majority of our clients who seek compensation do so only through the asbestos trust funds.

Making claims against these trust funds does not require filing a lawsuit, and all claims made through these funds are secret: No one (like your current or previous employer) will know whether you filed a claim against or received a settlement from an asbestos-trust. We have worked with law firms across the country to help our clients recover hundreds of million dollars from these trust funds.

Asbestos Lawsuits
(Are Often Not Required)

Although not everyone who is injured by asbestos is eligible to file an asbestos lawsuit, many Asbestos Health Line clients have filed asbestos lawsuits against the companies that made, sold, or installed asbestos products. Courts have very strict rules designed to ensure that only competent and qualified doctors can testify before a jury. Dr. John has testified in hundreds of Court cases, and no judge has ever ruled that Dr. John is not competent or qualified as an expert medical witness.

Dr. John and the rest of the Asbestos Health Line team are always happy to work with our clients to support their asbestos lawsuits. Should you be eligible to and choose to file an asbestos lawsuit, you can rest assured that we will provide all of the medical evidence you need to support your case.

Asbestos & Workers’ Compensation

The Workers’ Compensation system is designed to ensure that workers who are injured on the job are able to be compensated for their injuries. Many (if not most) people who develop an asbestos-related illness did so because they worked with asbestos at their job site(s). Asbestos injuries are different from the typical “on the job injury” because it takes years (sometimes decades) for exposure to asbestos to lead to an injury. There is no question that someone who breaks their leg at work was injured at work. It’s not so simple to prove that an asbestos-illness that gets diagnosed today is a result of as job a person had decades before.

Because of that long latency period (and other reasons), not everyone who worked with asbestos at work will be eligible to file a workers’ compensation claim. Just as Dr. John routinely helps his patients win their asbestos lawsuits, Dr. John also helps those patients who are eligible to file workers’ compensation claims.

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