High-Exposure Job Sites

The job sites below are known to have exposed workers to a large quantity of asbestos fibers. Anyone who worked with (or washed the clothes of) an individual who started working at any of the job sites below before 1983.

Louisiana Job Sites

Alexandria, LA
City of Alexandria - D.G. Hunter Generating Station
Roy O. Martin Lumber Company
Algiers, LA
Avondale Shipyards
Todd Shipbuilding / Todd Shipyard
Avondale, LA
American Cyanamid
Avondale Shipyard
Baldwin, LA
Power Plant
Bastrop, LA
International Paper Co.
Power Plant
Baton Rouge, LA
Allied Chemical Company
Allied Signal Corporation
Baton Rouge Charity Hospital
Consolidated Chemical
Copolymer Chemical / Copolymer Rubber
Delta Tank Fabricating Shop | Delta Tank Manufacturing Plant
Dow Chemical | Dow Chemical Plant
Enjay Chemical Co.
Esso / Standard Oil
Ethyl Corporation
Ethyl Chemical Plant
Exxon / Exxon Chemical Co USA
Formosa Plastics
Humble Oil
Imperial Chemicals Plastic Plant
Kaiser Alum & Chem Corp
Louisiana State University
Monochem Incorporated
Paxon Polymer
Solvay Process Company
Standard Oil
Stauffer Chemical
WR Grace & Co.
Belle Chasse, LA
Chevron / Chevron Chemical
Berwick, LA
Sewart Seacraft Incorporated
Bogalusa, LA
Bogalusa Paper Company / Bogalusa Paper Mill
Crown Zellerbach Corporation
Gaylord Container Corporation
James River Paper
Braithwaite, LA
Freeport Sulphur Company
Bridge City, LA
Avondale Shipyards
Brule, LA
Freeport Sulphur Company
Burnside, LA
Ormet Corporation
Olin Mathieson
Cameron, LA
Zapata Haynie Corporation
Campti, LA
Western Kraft Co.
Chalmette, LA
Bay Petroleum
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical
Tenneco Oil
Cinclare, LA
Cinclaire Central Factory
Convent, LA
Motiva Oil Refinery
Star Enterprise
Texaco, Inc.
Coushatta, LA
Oil Field Heaters
Delhi, LA
Sun Oil
Deridder, LA
Crosby Chemical
Destrehan, LA
Pan Am Southern Corporation
Donaldsonville, LA
C F Industries
Triad Chemical
Elizabeth, LA
Calcasieu Paper Company
Calcasieu Sulphate Paper Company, Incorporated
Erath, LA
Texaco Inc.
Eunice, LA
Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company
Fort St. Tolene, LA
The California Co.
Franklin, LA
Cabot Corporation
Columbian Carbon Co
Columbian Chemicals
P. R. Insulation, Ltd.
Geismar, LA
Allied Chemical
Basf Wyandotte
Borden Chemical
Formosa Plastics
Monochem, Incorporated
Rubicon Chemicals
Shell Chemical
Shell Oil
Union Texas Petroleum
Good Hope, LA
Gatx Terminals Corporation
General American Transportation Corporation
Gramercy, LA
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical
Grand Chenier, LA
Tennessee Gas Plant
Harvey, LA
Avondale Shipyard
Freeport Sulphur Co
Hodge, LA
Continental Can Company
Southern Advance Bag & Paper Co.
Houma, LA
Fish Engineering Corp.
Shell Oil / Shell Chemical
Tidewater Oil Co.
Jefferson, LA
Avondale Shipyard
Johnson Bayou, LA
Mobil Oil
Lafayette, LA
City Of Lafayette - Louis "doc" Bonin Station
City Of Lafayette - Rodemacher Plant
Lake Charles, LA
Bridgestone Tire and Rubber
CanadianOxy Offshore Production Co. (see also Cities Services)
CitCon (see also Cities Services)
Citgo Petroleum (see also Cities Services)
CS Petroleum (see also Cities Services)
CS Refining Corp. (see also Cities Services)
Cities Service
Cities Service Oil Company
Cities Services Refining Co
Columbia Southern Chemical
Columbian Carbon Company (
Continental Carbon Plant
Continental Oil Company (Conoco)
Firestone Synthetic Rubber and Latex Co.
Gulf Coast Aluminum Corp.
Gulf States Utilities
Gulf States Utilities - Nelson Station
Gulf States Utilities - North Ryan Station
Gulf States Utilities - Riverside Station
Hercules Chemical
Hercules, Incorporated
Lake Charles Refinery
LNG Plant
Lyondell Chemical Plant
Mathieson Chemical Company
Monsanto Enviro Chemical / Pharmacia Corp.
Occidental Chemical
Olin Corp. / Olin Mathieson Chemical Corp.
Oxy Oil and Gas
P.P.G. Industries
PCI (Petroleum Chemicals Inc.)
Pharmacia / Monsanto Enviro Chemical
Pittsburgh Plate Glass
PPG Industries
W.R. Grace
Laplace, LA
E. I. Dupont De Nemours & Co.
Luling, LA
Monsanto Chemical Company
Marrero, LA
Celotex Corporation
Mathews, LA
South Coast Corporation
Minden, LA
City Of Minden - Minden Municipal Power
Monroe, LA
St. Francis Hospital - 309 Jackson Street
Montz, LA
Little Gypsy Powerhouse
Louisiana Power and Light Company - Little Gypsy Power Plant
Mooringsport, LA
Southwestern Electric Power Company
Southwestern Electric Power Company - Lieberman Power Plant
Morgan City, LA
Avondale Shipyard
Natchitoches, LA
City Of Natchitoches - Natchitoches Municipal Power
New Orleans, LA
American Marine Corp.
American Standard Corporation
American Sugar
American Sugar Refining Company
Avondale Shipyards
Babcock & Wilcox
Branton Insulation
Eagle Asbestos & Packaging
Equitable Shipbuilding / Equitable Shipyard
Flintkote Co.
Freeport Sulphur Co.
Gabler Insulation Company
Higgins Aircraft, Incorporated
Higgins Industries
Higgins Shipbuilding
Illinois Central Elevator
Industrial Canal
Industrial Canal Steam Electric Station
Louisiana Cement Co.
Louisiana Power & Light Company
Louisiana Power & Light Company - Nine Mile Point Station
Louisiana Power & Light Company - Penthouse Roof
New Orleans Public Service
New Orleans Public Service - Market Street Power Plant
New Orleans Public Service Inc - A. B. Patterson Station|
New Orleans Public Service Inc - Michoud Steam Electric Station
New Orleans Sanitation Department
Reilly-Benton Co., Inc.
Tenneco Oil Company
Todd Shipbuilding
Todd Shipyard
Norco, LA
Shell Chemical Co.
Shell Oil
Shell Oil - Norco Refinery
Opelousas, LA
Exxon / Humble
Gas Plant
Pineville, LA
Central Louisiana Electric Co.
Plaquemine, LA
Central Louisiana Electric Plant
Dow Chemical
Dow Chemical - VCM Plant
Dow Chemical Company, Louisiana Division
Dow Chemical Powerhouse
Georgia Pacific
Georgia Pacific - Plaquemine Plant - Rebecca Plant
Hercules Incorporated, Allemania Plant
Hercules Powder Co.
Hercules Refinery
Port Sulphur, LA
Freeport Sulphur
Rayne, LA
Superior Oil Co.
Shreveport, LA
Atlas Oil And Refining Corporation
Atlas Refinery
Atlas Refining / Pennzoil
Atlas Processing Co
Atlas Processing Co - Jewella Plant
Pennzoil Company
Pennzoil Refinery
Pennzoil-Quaker State Company
Premet Co., Inc.
Springhill, LA
International Paper Co
International Paper Co - Boiler House
International Paper Company, Southern Kraft Division
St. Francisville, LA
Crown Zellerbach
James River Corporation
James River Paper
St. Francisville Paper
St. Gabriel, LA
Gulf States Utilities
Gulf States Utilities - Willow Glen
Willow Glen Power Station
St. Landry, LA
Central Louisiana Electric
Central Louisiana Electric Co - Coughlin Station
Central Louisiana Electric Company - Coughlin Power Station - Unit 5
St. Mary Parish, LA
Columbian Carbon Co
Columbian Carbon Co - North Bend La. - New T & Nr Station No. 650
Columbian Carbon Co - North Bend Plant #21
Columbian Carbon Co - North Bend Plant #95
Sterlington, LA
Commercial Solvents Corporation
Louisiana Power & Light Co. - Sterlington Steam Elec. Station - Unit #6
Louisiana Power & Light Co.- Sterlington Generating Plant
Thermatomic Carbon Company
Sulphur, LA
Cities Service Refinery
Conoco Oil Refinery
Firestone | Firestone Tire Plant
PCD / PCI (see also Cities Services)
Swartz, LA
Columbian Carbon Co
Taft, LA
Hooker Chemical
Hooker Chemicals & Plastics
Union Carbide
Union Carbide Taft
Thibodaux, LA
Southdown Inc.
Southdown Sugar Inc.
West Monroe, LA
Brown Paper Mill
Olin Kraft
Olin Mathieson Chemical Corp.
Olin Paper Mill
Olinkraft, Inc. (a/k/a Brown Paper Mill Co.
Manville Forest Product Corp.)
Riverwood International Corporation
Westlake, LA
Citcon Refinery
Cities Services
Continental Oil Co
Gulf States Utilities - Roy S. Nelson Station
Olin Mathieson Chemical
Westwego, LA
Avondale Shipyard
Avondale Shipyards Inc - Tp Mp Wharf - Jefferson Parish
Celotex | Celotex Corporation
Louisiana Power & Light Co.
Louisiana Power & Light Co. - Nine Mile Point
Yscloskey, LA
Gas Plant
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