About Us

Asbestos Health Line offers free health tests to individuals who were exposed to asbestos. We have fully-staffed offices in Beaumont, Texas; Pflugerville, Texas; Moss Bluff, Louisiana; and Little Rock, Arkansas. Our staff has helped diagnose and treat tens of thousands of individuals who suffered from lung damage through their exposure to asbestos.

Meet the Management Team of Asbestos Health Line

Dr. Christopher John, Medical Director

Dr. Christopher John, M.D.

Dr. Christopher John is a board-certified pulmonologist with over 40 years of experience. He has diagnosed or treated asbestos-related diseases in tens of thousands of people over his career. He is one of less than 200 doctors in the United States who have been certified by NIOSH to diagnose asbestos-related illnesses.

Dr. John is the medical director for the Asbestos Health Line, and he ensures that every one of our clients receive excellent medical service. Dr. John is based primarily out of his office in Little Rock, Arkansas, but spends time every month in one of Asbestos Health Line’s offices in Texas or Louisiana.

Dr. John was born in Wales, Dr. John emigrated to the United States by way of South Africa and Canada. Perhaps not coincidentally, South Africa and Canada are two countries with a rich history of mining asbestos.

In his spare time, Dr. John is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys spending time hunting and fishing with his family.

Mark Mullinax, President

Mark Mullinax, R.N.

Mark Mullinax, R.N., is the President of the Asbestos Health Line. He came to this position after spending many years in the hospice community, first as a nurse, and eventually in a number of executive positions.

Throughout his time in hospice, Mark saw first-hand how devastating the illnesses associated with exposure to asbestos can be. “Until you’ve seen it, you cannot really understand how terrible the diseases asbestos can cause actually are,” says Mark.

One of the reasons Mark joined Asbestos Health Line is that it gave him the opportunity to once-again interact with patients as a nurse. Mark personally meets with the vast majority of Asbestos Health Line’s clients and sets the standard of caring professionalism that all Asbestos Health Line employees follow.

Mark is an avid fisherman, and one of his favorite perks of this job is having our clients share the location of their favorite fishing holes.

Leendert Keus, Registered Pulmonary Function Test Tech

Leendert Keus

Leendert “Lane” Keus is a Registered Pulmonary Function Test technician who performs pulmonary function tests on Asbestos Health Line’s clients. Lane is the manager of the entire pulmonary function laboratory for a major hospital.

Lane ensures that all of our clients receive the same caliber of pulmonary function tests at Asbestos Health Line as they would at a top hospital. “The pulmonary function machines I use are top-of-the-line and cost close to $30,000 dollars. I was impressed that Asbestos Health Line invested in two of these machines instead of the less-accurate $1,500 dollar hand-held machines that some offices use,” says Lane.

Lane is a tremendous asset to the Asbestos Health Line team and truly enjoys working with our clients to get a true picture of their lung health.

  • The cancer doctor told me the kind of I had was aggressive. I say had because I'm cancer-free now thanks to Asbestos Health Line.

    Clarke Dubose
    Actual Asbestos Health Line Client
  • I went to take an x-ray and qualified for compensation. I would recommend it to all my friends I worked with. I've never been treated any better.

    Barney Bridges
    Actual Asbestos Health Line Client
  • My employer never told me the dangers of working around asbestos and as an operator, you just did the things you had to do. I recommend the Asbestos Health Line to everybody who worked in industry.

    John Malonson
    Actual Asbestos Health Line Client
  • My husband wanted me to be checked for asbestos exposure because I washed his clothes. Turns out, I was exposed. It's something you need to take advantage of.

    Joan Blankenship
    Actual Asbestos Health Line Client